July 16, 2024


Apparatus Required

  • Cube moulds ( Size 150mm×150mm×150mm )
  • Tamping Rod 16mm dia & 600mm long
  • Sampling Tray
  • Trowel

The procedure of the test

  • Collect the fresh concrete of the required grade.
  • Check the Slump before casting the cubes and ensure that the slump of concrete should be as per the requirement of structure.
  • Check for the cleanliness of the mould & it has to be oiled, take a required number of cube moulds for casting.The required numbers of cube to be cast as per the Codal provision are given below:

  • Quantity of Concrete in
    the Work (Cum)

    Number of Samples

    51 and above
    4 + one additional
    sample for each additional 50cum or part thereof
  • Pour the concrete in the mould till 1/3rd  full, compact with the tamping rod to get 100% compaction, not less than 35 strokes.
  • Repeat the above for the next two layers, after compaction of the 3rd layer level the concrete with a trowel.
  • Note the cube mould number in the record for the particular grade of concrete.
  • Before de-moulding the cube moulds ,the next day give the proper identification on the test sample.
  • After de-moulding the cube mould place the concrete cube sample 3nos in 7 days curing tank, and rest in 28days curing tank.
  • Crush the cubes for compressive strength at their corresponding dates.
  • Report the corresponding day’s test results.


Concrete cube casting

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