April 18, 2024


Apparatus Required

  • 90-micron sieve
  • Weigh balance
  • Tray

The procedure of the test

  • Weigh accurately 100gms of Cement in a tray.
  • Place on a standard IS Sieve 90 microns, breaking down any air set lumps in cement samples if any.
  • Continuously sieving the sample by holding the sieve in both hands with gentle wrist motion for a period of 15 minutes continuously with the underside of the sieve should be lightly brushed with a small brush after every 5 minutes of sieving.
  • Weigh the residue retained on a 90-micron sieve after 15 minutes of sieving.
  • Calculate the percentage of fineness – weight retained on 90micron sieve divided by the weight of total cement taken for the test.

Datasheet for determination of fineness of cement

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