July 16, 2024


Apparatus Required

  • IS Sieve for Coarse Aggregate(25mm,20mm,16mm,12.5mm,10mm&6.3mm)
  • Weighing balance
  • Length Gauge

Procedure of the Test

  • Check balance & Metal gauge of Elongation Indices.
  • Subdivision using the sample divider or quartering method and select a sufficient quantity of test samples for testing.
  • Place the test sample on the tray & in an oven for drying or air-dried.
  • The sieves are selected as per the requirement of IS 2386-part-I (1963) (RA 2007) Table -5.
  • The test sample is passed through the topmost sieve size descent to the smallest sieve size selected.
  • The test sample shall consist of at least 200 pieces of each fraction retained on the sieve size selected and weighed.
  • Every piece of the test sample from each fraction retained shall be gauged through the Elongation standard gauge
  • Calculate the Elongation Index by the total weight retained on each fraction with the total weight of the test sample before the test carried out and report the result.

Datasheet of the aggregate elongation index test

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