April 18, 2024


Apparatus Required

  • Motorised Sieve Shaker
  • Laboratory Oven
  • Weigh Balance
  • IS Sieves for Coarse aggregate (40mm,20mm,12.5mm,10mm,4.75mm,pan & Cover)
  • IS Sieves for Fine aggregate (4.75mm,2.36mm,1.18mm,600 micron,300micron,150 micron ,Pan & Lid)

Procedure of the test

  • The sample shall be brought to an air dry condition before weighing & sieving. This may be achieved by drying at room temperature or by heating at a temperature 100 °C TO 110° C
  • The air dry sample shall be weighed and sieved successively on the appropriate sieves starting with the largest size. Care shall be taken to ensure that the sieves are clean before use.
  • Each sieve shall be shaken separately over a clean tray for a period of not less than 2 Min .The shaking is done with a varied motion backwards and forwards, left and right, circular clockwise and anticlockwise and with frequent jarring so that the material is kept moving over the sieve surface in frequently changing directions .
  • Find the weight of aggregate retained on each sieve taken in order.
  • If sieve is carried with nest of sieves on a machine, not less than 10 minutes sieving will be required for each test.

Datasheet of fine aggregate (sand) for sieve analysis

Datasheet of 20mm coarse aggregate for sieve analysis

Datasheet of 12.5mm coarse aggregate for sieve analysis

Datasheet of aggregate for sieve analysis- all in aggregate

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